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Vincent “Vinnie”



Vinnie has been involved in fencing as a competitor, fencing teacher, fencing coach
and leader in fencing coaching development for fifty years. She is an Olympian
(1984), USFCA Fencing Master, and she has Masters Degree in Kinesiology.
Vinnie started fencing at age eleven, made the 1984 Olympic Team in women’s foil,
was a Bronze medalist in the 1989 Pan American Games in women’s epee, has been
inducted into the US Fencing Hall of Fame and the San Jose State Sports Hall of
She has taught and coached fencing at the University of Texas (Austin), Palo Alto
College (San Antonio) and Northwest Vista College (San Antonio) for a combined
twenty-seven years. During that time Vinnie served as Co-Director of the USA
Fencing Coaches College for ten years, she has served as Secretary of the US Fencing
Coaches Association Certification and Accreditation Board and has been
contributing to the training and development of competitive fencers and coaches
throughout her professional journey.
She has twenty-seven years experience in higher education as a teacher in
Kinesiology and a faculty leader. During those years, as an educator, she dedicated a
great deal of professional time and study for the benefit of fencing. Additionally she
has studied yoga and has been teaching it for twelve years.
Vinnie retired in 2014 from Northwest Vista College as a tenured Associate
Professor of Kinesiology, however she continues to teach fencing through her small
business; Vinnie Bradford Fencing Courses with aim of serving fencing communities
Vinnie also keeps up her yoga teaching in a community program in Angel Fire, New

Major Achievements And Awards
Member, San Jose State University’s Sports Hall of Fame. (Inducted Fall 2005)
Member, US Fencing Hall of Fame. (Inducted 1999)
Lifetime Contribution Award, University of Texas Fencing Club. 1997.
Member, U.S. Olympic Fencing Team (Women's Foil) 1984.
Three time member, U.S. Pan American Fencing Team: 1987 (Women's Epee), Bronze
Medal; 1983 (Women's Foil), Team Silver Medal; 1979 (Women's
Foil) Team Bronze Medal.


Athlete of the Year, United States Fencing Association. 1986.
Four time National Epee Champion, U.S. National Fencing Championships. 1983; 1984;

1985; 1986.

Guinness Book of World Records: woman with the most national epee championship titles.


National Foil Champion, U.S. National Fencing Championships. 1984.
Sports Woman of the Year, San Antonio, TX. 1984.
Athlete of the Year, United States Fencing Association. 1984.
Recipient, Olympian's Award, United States Olympic Committee's
Southerland Corp. Award. 1984.
Two-time member, U.S. World University Fencing Team. 1979 and 1981.
Five-time member, U.S. World Fencing Team, 1979-1984.
Two-time National Collegiate Fencing Individual Champion, San Jose State University. 1975

and 1978.

Four time National Collegiate Fencing Champion Team, San Jose State University. 1975-

Four time All American. 1975-1978.
Two-time U.S. Junior Olympic Fencing Champion. 1974 and 1975.
Four-time member of the U.S. Junior World Fencing Team. 1972-1975.

Vinnie Bradford lunges at Stacey Johnson
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