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Fencing Equipment For Sale 

Some of our clubs or clubs in our area are selling equipment. 

Here are the links and information about those sales. 


P.O. Box 29466

San Antonio, TX 78229



As we spoke today, I have some equipment that I had in my previous location and now as I don't need them at our new location they are in storage.  I decayed to sell them and I'm sure there will be some clubs that may need them.


I have 4 metal strips that we used for about 1 year, also 4 rubber strips, 1 Favero machine & 1 Repeater, 10-15 targets, and some new rubber color mads.  I'll attach some photos, feel free to forward the photos when email clubs. They can call me or email me for more information if interested:  210-763-2000.   


Thank you so much!!!  


Best regards,

Velizar Iliev,                                                                                  

Head Coach

Janos Gasparin

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Click on the doc for the inventory

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