Robert Reed




Major Fencing Accomplishments:

2002-- Division IA  Men's Epee    National Champion

2003- -Division IA Men's Epee     3rd place

2009---Division IA Men's Epee     8th place


2007---Southwest Sectional Champion   Men's Epee

2005---Southwest Sectional Champion   Men's Epee

2003---Southwest Sectional Champion   Men's Epee

2002---Southwest Sectional Champion   Men's Epee

2001---Southwest Sectional Champion   Men's Epee

1998---Southwest Sectional Champion   Men's Epee


Poujardieu Memorial Fencing Tournament


2009---First Place  Men's Epee

2006---First Place   Men's Epee

2005---First Place   Men's Epee

2005---First Place   Vet's Men's Epee


Highest National Results:


2003---22nd Place  Division I Men's Epee

2007---16th Place   Division I Men's Epee

2014---14th Place   Vet's Men's Epee; 36 place in Points list



Began fencing in 1983 at Southwest Texas State University

Past Coaches:


John Moreau, Les Bleamaster, Gerard Poujardieu, Jr., Viktor Svatenko, Andrei Geva, Jan Bartu, Paul Pesthy, Andrei Samorodov

Past Clubs:


Southwest Texas University FC, San Antonio College FC, Salle Pouj, US Modern Pentathlon, All Texas Athletic Club (ATAC), Alamo Fencing Club, Alliance Fencing Club, Houston Sword Sports

Inducted on January 29, 2017

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