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 Ray Sexton III


In the summer of 1986, Ray Sexton saw an ad in his local newspaper offering beginning fencing lessons.  At the age of 43 Ray signed up for his first fencing lesson with Coach Gary Murray at the Round Rock Fencing Club.


Right here in Jowers Gymnasium, in December 1986, Ray fenced in his first tournament, called the "Holiday Open" and was introduced to a character by the name of Gerard Poujardieu, Jr., better known as "Pouj".


Coach Murray was instrumental in getting Pouj to come to Round Rock to give fencing lessons for several years and he also brought in Coach Eric Mallet.  Ray feels that these three coaches, Gary Murray, Gerard Poujardieu, Jr., and Eric Mallet have had the most influence on his fencing career.


In 1998, Ray submitted his proposal to the United States Fencing Association asking for age  40 and Over Veterans events to be included at North American Cups and National Championships.  Ray's proposal was accepted by the Board of Directors of the United States Fencing Association and at the May 1998 NAC in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the first USFA Veterans events were included.  Since that time, Veterans events have been included in two NAC's and all United States Fencing National Championships to date.


Ray Sexton's fencing accomplishments include:


---He has competed in 27 USFA National Championships in his 30 years of fencing

     (and brags that he has never come home without at least one medal).


---He has represented the USA in 20 international tournaments, this includes being

     on 16 USA Veteran World Teams.


---In 1999, he became the first Veteran Saber World Champion in Shiofok, Hungary.


---In 2014, in Debrecen, Hungary, Ray was on the USA World Championship Saber

     Team that defeated Team Russia in the preliminary round and again, in the final Gold Medal bout.



Ray thanks the South Texas Division for all of the opportunities and support that it has given him in his 30+ years of fencing.


A special thanks is given to Oscar Barrera for his dedication for all of the years that he has served the South Texas Division.  And also, a special thanks to John Moreau and the Texas State University Fencing Club for all they have done for the sport of fencing in the South Texas Division.



Inducted on 29 January, 2017

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