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Paul K. Pesthy


San Antonio, TX (epee).

multi-time Olympian,

multi-time U.S. National Champion, Men's Epee,

10-time Pan American Champion, Men's Epee

From the book, "1968 United States Olympic Book",

1968 Olympic Team
1968 Pan American Team-3rd place,

Epee -1st place, Team Epee

Paul Pesthy Pouj 1997

Poujardieu Memorial January 1997, Ft. Sam Houston, Tx./ USMPA

1st photo: Paul Pesthy (right) speaking with Ray Parker (left) 

2nd. photo: Paul Pesthy

Photo by Oscar Barrera

JohnMoreau and PaulPesthy USMPA San AntonioTX 19

John Moreau (lt.) and Paul Pesthy (rt.) USMPA/San Antonio, Tx. 1998

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