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Diane Kallus


Diane started taking epee lessons in a driveway from her good friend, Gerard Poujardieu, Jr., in 1991 at the age of 46.


Six years later, in 197, as a member of the USFA Veterans Committee, she helped draft the proposal presented to the USFA Board of Directors asking to include Veteran Fencing events at the North American Cups and US National Championships.  With her help, the first Veteran's events were held at the May, 1998 National Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Diane Kallus has represented the United States of America in 17 Veteran World Championships.


At her first World Championships, in 1998, held in Switzerland, she was a member of the USA Women's Foil Team.


At the Sydney Veterans World Fencing Championships of 2007, she was a member of the Women's Saber and Epee Team (the latter winning a Bronze Medal).


This past October (2018), at the Veterans World Championships held in Levorno, Italy, she finished 10th in the Individual Epee event and was on the Women's Epee Team than won the Silver Medal.


Diane has a total of seven FIE medals in epee (6 for individual events--2 Silver and 4 Bronze--and one Team Silver Medal).


Diane trains at the Austin Fencers Club under the direction of Coach Eric Mallet.


Next weekend, Diane will be at the April NAC in Salt Lake City where she hopes to qualify for the Vet Women's Epee Team that is scheduled to compete in October, 2019 in the Vets World Championships in Cairo, Egypt.


Inducted  April 7, 2019

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