South Texas Division

Poujardieu 2019 HOF
Poujardieu 2019 HOF

Hall Of Fame  2019
Hall Of Fame 2019

Poujardieu 2019 HOF
Poujardieu 2019 HOF

​​Welcome to the South Texas Division of US Fencing Association Web Site!

 We are a non profit organization dedicated to support the sport of fencing in South West of Texas including Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio. 

The South Texas clubs are listed here.

The boundaries of the division and how to contact the officers can be seen here.

SoTxDiv news

Covid-19 Updates 

USA Fencing Return to Local Events Guidelines: here 

Local Event checklist: here 

2021 Annual Membership Meeting 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the date and time of the annual membership meeting is changing: The new date is 

Saturday, 17 July, 2021


at 11 a.m. (Central Standard Time).


The meeting will still be via ZOOM


The link for entry to the meeting will be sent via email  to the various clubs, coaches, owners and fencers that we have an address on file for.  Please let your fencers know about this meeting (an announcement of the meeting was sent to all of you listed in the addresses above in June, 2021).


If you have proxy votes, please send them to Emmanuelle Jean (email address listed above) by Friday, 16 July.  This will allow her time to verify membership and to count them.  Proxy vote forms are on the Division's web page.


An agenda for the meeting will be sent out in the next day or so.

If you want to vote but can't be present to the zoom meeting, you can fill out a proxy.  2021 proxy

Only member of USFA Fencing of 18 and older can vote



Roll Call of Members Present on Zoom






Tournament Events Coordinator





        Proxy Votes in Hand (Secretary)


Offices and Known Candidates For Those Offices: 

Treasurer--Georgina Simont       San Antonio Phoenix FC

Secretary--Emmanuelle Jean      Texas Fencing Academy

Vice-Chair--Don York                     San Antonio Phoenix FC

Chair--Oscar Barrera                      Unattached



Still unable to stabilize Poujardieu Tournament

Add Vet's Events to the Existing Pouj Event Schedule

Encourage/and or Hold More Local Tournaments!

Division is Clear/Squared with the Office of the Comptroller Of Texas

Filing Forms With The IRS

Some $$ penalty likely to be incurred

Amount waiting from Maysel Estate once all the above is clear--$50K



Referee Clinics

More Refs are needed in the SOTXDIV.  Not enough participants from Division Clubs are taking part.  WHY?  What is the problem?  Why don't coaches encourage fencers to take part?

Armorer Clinic

We need to have small ones and a larger one. The small ones can deal with basics...wiring foils, epees, trouble-shooting all 3 weapons.

The larger ones might deal with more complex weapon repair problems, reel maintenance, floor cable repairs, etc.

Coaching Clinics

How about Tactical Coaching Clinics...with Vinnie Bradford and 1-3 local coaches working together.  

Floor Open to New Business

Close of Meeting

                   Submitted by Oscar Barrera, Chair, South Texas Division, USA FENCING

Sanctioned 2020-2021 SoTxdiv Tournaments

Although USFA resumed sanctioning
of local tournaments, August 1, 2020, the sanction (and insurance coverage) will apply only to
tournaments in areas in which they can be operated legally in accordance with state and local
health officials. 

Please contact us for the health and best practices document.

Sanctioned Tournament 

The Force Foil.  Nov, 7.  Hampton Inn.  Kyle, TX

Unclassified Mixed Foil (sanctioned).



New to Fencing?

For introductory information on the sport of fencing, please click here.

Looking for a Club?

For a listing of USFA-member fencing clubs in the South Texas Division, please click here.