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​​Welcome to the South Texas Division of US Fencing Association Web Site!

 We are a non profit organization dedicated to support the sport of fencing in South West of Texas including Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio. 

The South Texas clubs are listed here.

The boundaries of the division and how to contact the officers can be seen here.

SoTxDiv news

Covid-19 Updates 

USA Fencing Return to Local Events Guidelines: here 

Local Event checklist: here 

The Texas State University Fencing Club (San Marcos, Tx) announces that it is inviting experienced fencers in all 3 weapons to its open practice at the upper gym of Jowers Center every 2nd Monday of the month.  No floor fees and parking is at City Park next door to Jowers Center.


Twelve strips are available; fencing starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 

10:00 p.m.  The club has open fencing on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings; Monday evenings seems to be the most popular evening.  Epee fencers in particular have been taking benefit of this opportunity with around 25-27 taking part on 20 September.


The next "super practice" is scheduled for Monday, 4 October, 2021.


Waivers of liability must be signed in accordance with Recreational Sports Department policy.  These fencing practices are not USA FENCING sanctioned.


Bring your own gear.  


For more information, contact Josh Paez (Tx State University Fencing Club President) at:   Joshua.Paez@TxState.Edu


Oscar Barrera at:   ob01@TxState.Edu

New to Fencing?

For introductory information on the sport of fencing, please click here.

Looking for a Club?

For a listing of USFA-member fencing clubs in the South Texas Division, please click here.

Sanctioned 2021-2022 SoTxdiv Tournaments

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